You can buy tickets directly on our website, under the “Events” tab. Choose a show and then click “Tickets”. In most places, we sell tickets through Ticketmaster or the arena’s ticket sales website.

Alternatively, you can always contact the ticket office of the respective arena.

Important: Make sure to purchase your tickets on the official website and not through a resale site like Billets.ca, 514-billets.com, or a reseller.

This way, you ensure that you pay the correct price for your ticket and are protected in the event of a postponement.

Between 2 and 2.5 hours.

Yes, only on-site during the show.

No food or drink from outside is allowed.

The Pit Party is a unique opportunity to go down to the floor to meet the drivers, take photos, and see the trucks up close. The Pit Party takes place 1 hour before the show, and VIP Passes are available at the souvenir stands.


Yes, please write to us under the “Contact” tab to inquire about booking a monster truck for an event.